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Extreme Performance Computing

Green Vision wins the

SME Channels' Top ICT Solution Provider Award
for 2013 for
Extreme Performance Computing

for the insatiable customer segment.

To provide market access in India for state-of-art Hi-tech products and services in Information Technology leading to optimization of computing and network deployments.

THE GREEN VISION GROUP (New Delhi, India) with It's over two decades of experience and skills has mastered the solution for enthusiasts exasperated by the slow response of standard computing.

Extreme performance computing begins from limitation of standard performance computing.

Technically, we have achieved successfully:
  • CPU frequencies beyond 4.2 GHz !
  • Memory frequency beyond 1860 MHz !
It satisfies the business and industry necessities of verticals like:
  • High frequency trading (both stock & commodity)
  • Rendering requirements of CAD and Animation.
Further, our skills have enabled us to tune performance as per the customer requirements, hence offering value proposition to customers.

If you have any questions related to Extreme Performance Computing, feel free to ask us.